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Kyria Parker-Hart 

Kyria Parker-Hart, co-owner of Divas Weddings and Special Events, exudes energy

and passion balanced with the knowledge of a seasoned expert.  This company was started

with one thing in mind- making dreams a reality! At an early age she was introduced into

the world of wedding planning and décor through her family’s business.  With more than

6 years planning, consulting, and coordinating behind her, Kyria brings confidence,

support, encouragement, and most of all fun to the planning process, ensuring a joyful

experience.  Working with brides to make their special day stress free and perfect and

using her creativity and inspiration is guaranteed! 


Tiphanie Sanders-Wright

Wedding and event planner Tiphanie Sanders-Wright is co-owner of Divas Weddings

and Special events. Tiphanie began wedding planning in 2006 when she assisted a friend

with their wedding.  It was at that point that she learned she had a knack and a passion for

coordinating events.  Her strong leadership combined with her great detail ensures that

everything flows smoothly. Her work ethic embodies personalized service, elegance and fun,

while creating stunning occasions and unforgettable memories. Tiphanie's unique blend of

skill and enthusiasm for her work shines through in every planned detail of our events.

When she's not wedding planning, Tiphanie unwinds by spending a quiet night at home

with her husband and their two children. 




No affair is too big or too small, and brides on a budget or those seeking lavish affairs can count on Divas Weddings to make their dream a reality.